Coordinated Public Transit Human Service Transportation Plan

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The Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Transportation Plan (CPTHSTP) identifies the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities, older adults, and people with low incomes; provides strategies for meeting those needs; and prioritizes transportation services for funding and implementation. The plan is developed through a process that involves the MPO; representatives of public, private, and non-profit transportation and human services providers; and members of the public.

Embark – Moving Forward with Public Transportation

The Terre Haute Area MPO in coordination with Terre Haute Transit Utility and community stakeholders are updating the CPTHSTP. This effort is known as "Embark - Moving Forward with Public Transportation."  The process of updating this plan began in July of 2022 is ongoing. The scope of work to accomplish this task is as follows:

  • Review of the previous coordinated plan to develop a basis for evaluation and recommendations; (ongoing)
  • Evaluation of existing economic/demographic conditions in Metropolitan Planning Area; (ongoing)
  • Conduct a Terre Haute transit rider survey and preform an analysis of the ridership; (Click here to take survey)
  • Strategies to address the identifies gaps between current services and needs, as well as opportunities to improve efficiencies in service delivery;
  • Conduct two local meetings for stakeholders for the purpose of soliciting input on transportation needs, service gaps, and implementation strategies to resolve these deficiencies;
    • A Public Outreach Meeting for residents of Vigo County and the Terre Haute Urbanized Area is scheduled for Monday, March 27th from 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM at the Vigo County Public Library. 
  • Conducting a public input meeting to provide the public with the opportunity to convey transportation needs and requests, from service providers directly to the planning team;
  • Update of the inventory of existing transportation services provided by public, private and non-profit organization.

Terre Haute MPO

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