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The MPO staff currently consists of two full-time employees and the Corporation’s Executive Director, who provides leadership, advice, community liaison, oversight and management support. In addition, the Corporation occasionally hires consultants, through a competitive selection process, to provide specialized services and technical planning support. During the coming two years the MPO plans to continue its partnerships with local universities to create opportunities that provide students internship experiences.

Although organized in the traditional hierarchical structure depicted in the following chart for the purposes of establishing reporting relationships and a focal point for major program elements, the MPO staff generally operates as a self-managed team on a day-to-day basis. This operating culture fosters a synergistic approach to process design and problem solving, encourages knowledge sharing, improves quality and productivity, promotes greater innovation, increases ownership and stewardship, and helps create a team that is more responsive to meeting the changing needs of our planning partners, stakeholders and the general public. This type of operating culture also aligns well with the 3C framework for carrying out multimodal transportation planning.

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